You Are Here – Sydney exhibition 2011

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In December 2011 my exhibition “You Are Here” was held at Threshold’s Bent St Foyer space in Chifley Tower, Sydney.

As the images from this exhibition are featured in the Viewing Room of my website, I would like to take the opportunity to explain the ideas that underpin the collection.

You Are Here was a multi-dimensional art experience showcasing Tokyo and Osaka.

The exhibition featured framed images and light boxes, both Eco Solvent Ink Print on Acrylic, as well as an LED moving image and sound installation.

The acrylic print images are a frozen moment where one can stop, reflect and enjoy The Beauty, Movement and Detail of Modern Cities.
You Are Here was about bringing people to a point of presence, giving them a gift of new perspective and insight.

The purpose of the exhibition was to have the audience experience and appreciate modern cities in a new way – to come away feeling they had discovered something new, within something with which they were already familiar. I desired people to feel they had made a connection – to their city, to other cities and to other people.

My intention as you view this collection on the website is that you experience these things too.

I had an excellent review in the Sydney Morning Herald Metro lift-out.

I am now working on presenting an exhibition in Tokyo, and the same stands true for here – people connecting to cities, their beauty, movement and detail.

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