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The insightful process of assisting to design and create my new website with Stella and her team has moved me to new and varied viewpoints in considering the processes of my photo art.

It has allowed me to understand that people can grasp and respond to my art and this has given me confidence as an artist – confidence to move in new directions; confidence to verbalise and express this abstract photography in descriptive and philosophical terms. It has brought me to a new level of respect for both myself and for my art.

Undistracted by self-doubt, I have made great leaps forward with my production software and have found myself in an exciting artistic phase – freed to move forward with photo art, painting with light.

Electronic art is quite new and undiscovered in certain aspects. Through fresh eyes I am seeing a whole new world open up. I am beginning to deeply explore the electronics that underpin my art, and this opens up avenues for the concepts of Motion Art and Artography.


At this new exciting phase of artistic exploration I have returned to Tokyo, this time with a new camera – my Sigma DP2 Merill. The 48 megapixels available will give me the opportunity to begin exploring more deeply the marvels of these electronic aberrations. More on this at a future date.

Tokyo’s Shimbashi area has an edgy atmosphere of looseness and intense excitement. It is all directed towards fun and enjoyment and letting go – sex bars, pachinko parlours, drinking. Everyone is looking for a euphoric result out of Shimbashi. The concentration of emotions results in the atmosphere being wired and electric – mirrored in the area’s cascades of neon. Even the yakuza that run the place find my presence and photographic style emotive for them and they growl at me as I pass through their domain. This adds to my heightened experience in that place. The landscape presented to me there is perfect for my type of photography. I love going there.
Whilst here I have had the time to sit back and look more deeply into some of my previous Shimbashi pictures, shown here in the website Viewing Room. Visually, in terms of digital photography, I can see new levels, new realms in this electronic medium. Philosophically, in terms of abstract photography, many things have emerged, propelling my light photography and painting with light into spiritual orbits.

This city of Tokyo is all electric – a giant massive city of electronic opportunity, with its order and chaos all rolled into one. This is a true future city.

I look forward to immersing myself into the electronic landscape of a truly modern metropolis.

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