Agora Gallery Press Release 2014

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Through the use of digital photography, Australian-born Peter Watson captures and distorts beams of city light, which blur into brightly colored woven abstraction. With years of experience working with color theory in photo labs, Watson keenly delivers a pure optical vision, exploring each color’s vibration as it harmonizes within the composition. Watson thinks of light as a material. To him, it is a substance like paint to be moved around, manipulated, and stretched. Because of this, his work transcends the boundaries of photography, culminating into an emotively charged world of electronic utterances.

Through travel, Watson seeks just the right circumstances to frame and transmute into a unique photographic
phenomenon. During his travels, the details within urban spaces speak most poignantly to him. A beam of neon
dances off the side of a building, an orange-tinted windowpane emits an intriguing haze – these moments hang
over him curiously, waiting to be transformed through his lens. Once translated, they result in an image that is
both abstract and recognizable, while also poetic and purely sensational.

His work may be seen at

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